Rick Gevers & Associates has been serving selected clients since 1995. We have a small client base by choice. We choose to represent a small number of quality clients because we don't want to send out a dozen tapes every time a station has an opening. That's not serving your best interests. We're small by design, so we can give better service. When you call Rick Gevers & Associates, you'll talk directly with Rick Gevers.


What We Do

We help you put together the best resume tape because you only get a few seconds to catch a news director's eye. Your tape must do that! We'll work with you to put together a winning tape and resume. Then we make all the calls, write all the letters and send out the tapes...while keeping you updated. We use our years of experience and contacts to find the right opening for you at a station where you can grow professionally and financially. And we'll evaluate and negotiate job offers for you to make sure they're fair, using our extensive knowledge of the industry and pay scales around the country.


How We Can Connect

If you're looking for someone to help you with your career, please email your link and a resume to: rick@rickgevers.com

Rick Gevers
Rick Gevers & Associates
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